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Welcome to Aydin's Blog, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. I am a very interested in architecture and am excited to compete in and win the JPL competition. This will be my fourth year in the engineering program here at SAMOHI. I have had an interest in architecture since I was a young boy. Thanks to the PLTW program my intereset and curiosity have grown. Throughout the years I have learned and developed my skills in electrical and mechanical engineering. These learning tools will help me create a better future for myself and for all.

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JPL Project

My team and I have come up with a design and finalized the components that we are planning on using to transport the ping-pong ball into the mason jar. Our Idea is to use a fan to bring the balls up to a height of three feet, then have the ball fall into a funnel to slow the ball down and allow it to fall at a consistent rate. Then after the ball falls it will bounce off a metal sheet, which has an angle of 22.5 degrees, allowing the ball to bounce into the cup every time. 

November 1, 2019: As of today we have gotten a fully working machine and are now working out the kinks and fixing whatever is causing the ping pong balls to miss. Throughout this process I have worked with Nick on the exit pipe and funnel. We have created a funnel that is super consistent and creates the same exit speed so that every run is the same. I have also worked with Nick in creating laser mounts to make the shot more accurate. Along with this, we as a group have chosen to lower the distance between the funnel and bounce pad to lower the chance of wind or anything interfering with the ball. I have also helped with the loading mechanism which we plan to make better by increasing the holding amount. The testing we have done is mostly trial and error and making adjustments to the machine after there is a missed ball(error). For each new instrument we add to the machine we set up our full machine and run multiple tests and see what happens. If the ball misses then we change the part until it works. 

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In the upcoming weeks before the JPL competition we as a group need to create parts and finalize our idea so that we all know what is happening. Then we need to 3D print our components and apply them to our physical machine. Hopefully by this time we will be able to start prototyping and test different measurements.

Engineering Ethics

We created a presentation about the BF Goodrich Airplane case. Click here to view our presentation Click here



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